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Editor Note - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2020) Volume 4, Issue 5

Summary on previous issues.

Kelley Olga*

Deparment of Pediatric Oncology Research, Indiana University, USA

Corresponding Author:
Kelley Olga
Betty and Earl Herr Professor in Pediatric
Oncology Research
Indiana University

Accepted date: September 23, 2020

Citation: Olga K. Summary on previous issue. J Mol Oncol Res. 2020;4(5):12-13.

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In the interests of Journal of Molecular Oncology Research and my Co-Editors, I am pleased to present the volume 4, issue 4 of the journal. The journal established in 2017 has now published 11 issues. We could reach this position through the continuous support of board members and intellectual amplitude of our readers and contributors (authors and reviewers).

The Journal of Molecular Oncology is a fully open access peer reviewed international journal. One of the objectives of this journal is to encourage publication from different streams of research that helps to enrich further the discourse on cancer research at molecular level. We take this opportunity to thank the authors/publishers for sending their articles for publishing and making their knowledge visible to readers globally which was inspiring.

In this note we were going to discuss about the articles that are published in volume 4 issue 4 that include few Editorials, Market Analysis, Young Research Forums and Awards 2020.

Editorial entitled “Stages in Development and Management of Primary Liver Cancer”, by Yong- Lu the author described about liver cancer was management in the olden days and how researchers advanced in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, staging and treatment of the liver cancer. The author also discussed new systemic treatments (gemcitabine and cisplatin) that have paved the way for further innovations in the management of patients with iCCA [1].

Editorial note entitled “The Human Papilloma Virus and its capacity to cause various Cancers”, by V Suresh Varma thoroughly discussed about the human papilloma virus and its pathogenesis mechanism and mode of infection, molecular diagnosis, biological properties of human papilloma virus onco-proteins, it’s capacity to cause cancer, HPV vaccination and its prevention [2].

Editorial note entitled “The Genetic Modifications in Wilms Tumour”, by Ming Luo explained that 90% of childhood renal tumors and constitutes 7% of all childhood cancers account for Wilms tumour. He mentioned the stages of Wilms tumour, epidemiology, its management, risk stratification related to Wilms tumour. He also mentioned the factors that lead to the relapse of tumour. He provided in the paper about the novel therapeutics needed to be used for treatment [3].

Editorial note entitled “Expansion of Prostate Cancer at Single Cell Level”, by Eva Jagelska gave detailed information on how prostate cancer was caused in males by performing studies on mice at single cell level. He mentioned that Clusters of luminal prostate cells, which were confirmed by the luminal markers CD24a, KRT8 and KRT18 and are thought to be the predominant cells of origin of prostate cancer, fell into three subsets (L1 to L3) [4].

Market analysis entitled “The Study of Hormonal Changes Breast Cancer in Klinefelter’s Men”, by Mandana Kazemi elucidated the degree of supreme danger of MBC among KS quiet doesn't legitimize prophylactic mastectomy, yet underpins the requirement for persistent instruction, month to month bosom self-assessments and intermittent physical assessment [5].

We also published Young Research Forum named Young Scientist Awards: Frontiers in Cancer by Ms. Suchi and Awards 2020 named Cancer Stem Cells 2020 Annual meeting program awards by Dr. Kakil Ibrahim Rasul [6-7].

Journal of Molecular oncology research, an international and an open-access and on-line journal, publishes cuttingedge papers from all areas of cancer-related science. This journal publishes each article immediately upon acceptance as a provisional portable document file (PDF) followed by a fully formatted PDF and web version. As a fully rapid peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Molecular oncology research publishes selected papers from among the articles submitted, due to stringent criteria our referees and editors impose on manuscripts. Acceptance of papers is based on the originality of the observation or investigation.

I thank all reviewers for their excellent contributions. At this stage we are calling for submissions of articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor for the upcoming issues. We glance forward to receiving your exciting contribution. Finally, I would like to thank you, the contributors and readers for your interest in the journal and I encourage you to continue to send us your valuable feedback and ideas for further improvement of our journal.


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