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Editorial - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

Public Health 2020

Ismael San Mauro Martin*

Department of Biomedicine, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain

*Correspondence to

Ismael San Mauro Martin

Department of Biomedicine,

Complutense University,

Madrid, Spain

E-mail: [email protected]

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Journal of Public Health and Nutrition is an international peerreviewed, open access journal that prioritizes publication of articles in the field of Public Health Research and Nutritional Science. The journal has special focus upon various research outputs and social determinant factors and encourages publishing multidisciplinary articles. The journal publishes current developments and scientific information as Research articles, Review articles, Case reports, Short communications, Mini Reviews, Commentaries, Image articles, Special issues, Thesis, etc. and provide online access without any restrictions or subscriptions to the researchers worldwide.

Journal of Public Health and Nutrition is mainly intended upon the public health and nutritional health practitioners providing health care services with an inclination towards nutrition, disease and general science. The journal is aimed to promote the traditional aspects of Health and hygiene, Epidemiological factors influencing public health, Dietary patterns, Nutrient density, Disease prevention, Public health governance, Ethics and laws along with the modern developments in relation to health care and healthier lifestyle by elevating the importance of advanced treatments and mechanisms.

The archived content of the journal represents the track of progress made in this field over the past year. The information gathered by the journal functions as resource of refined knowledge for academicians, scientists, physicians, clinical and medical professionals. The volume of information contained on the journal web-site is contributed by authors from different regions of the world. Due to these reasons readers hailing from diverse professional backgrounds and regions are interested in the journal content.

They can begin by submitting an abstract at the abstract submission link on the website. With the continuous guidance of our eminent editors we strive to become the best. The role of an editor is not easy; to paraphrase “An editor’s role is not a happy one.” Every day our editors are faced with making difficult choices about which articles can be published in the journal and contribute to improving research. We recognize the importance of publication therefore we assess articles on the quality of the research, analysis, data presentation, and writing. All articles must have the approval of the appropriate ethics committee and follow the best research practices.

There are several developments during the decade that have been important trends in publication. The rapid increase in the availability and speed of the Internet and mobile communications has been an important contributor to fast publication. Access has now reached into many of the remotest parts of the world to connect with more researchers. We promote our authors work through regular tweets on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We thank all of our authors, editorial board members, reviewers, and staff who have made the past decade successful for the journal. In the next decade, we target to improve on the quality and authenticity of the data published in our journal. We dream of quality papers that address public health needs and are written in English to an international standard. Papers that are of a high scientific and ethical standard with appropriate statistical analysis. Please work with us to achieve our dream and the publish quality research on public health and nutrition.

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