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Short Communication - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2019) Volume 2, Issue 4

Optimal health can only be obtained through the synergistic interaction of the body, mind and spirit.

Michele d Moore*

University of Natural Health, United States

*Corresponding Author:
Michele d Moore
University of Natural Health
3815 River Crossing Pkwy #100
Indianapolis, IN 46240, United States
E-mail: [email protected]

Accepted date: December 2, 2019

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Body is operated by several systems that interconnect and depend upon each other in order for the body to function. To obtain optimal functioning and supreme health, the synergistic interaction of the three core elements: body, mind and spirit must be healthily aligned. Applied knowledge and understanding of each of their requirements will have a major influence on the capabilities and performance of the human body.


Health, Body, Mind, Spirit, Synergistic, Lifestyle.

Short Communication

The human body is an amazingly powerful machine if used correctly and efficiently without abuse. When referring to the body, the mental and spiritual elements are often overlooked but they too play a significant role in the functioning of the body. All three are components are essential to supreme health and by simultaneously incorporating the body, mind and spirit into your daily lifestyle, you will be rewarded with long lasting healthful results.

Man cannot live by food alone. Radiant health requires a variety of factors to be incorporated in the life of man and not merely the vitamins and minerals from an adequate diet. Pure water, fresh air, exercise, adequate rest and sleep, emotional poise, proper diet, sunshine and freedom from debilitating habits are all essential to the preservation and restoration of health. “Man is not what he eats any more than he is what he thinks. He is a complex product of heredity and environment and into his make up there enter many different kinds of qualities of building stones. He is largely what he lives and what he fails to live. The man who said tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are did not know what he was talking about” [1].

The body is a number of bodies within a body that are all interconnected and dependent on each other. Every part of the body is designed to work for the whole body. This synergistic action means failure in one part of the body is failure in all parts of the body. The eyes need the brain to see, lungs need oxygen from the blood for exercise and the stomach needs a calm spirit and emotional poise for the process of digestion. “Noise while eating disturbs digestion. Noise and “jazz” both reduce salivary and gastric secretion nearly one-half. Noisy crowd, excitement and the emotional stress this occasion inhibit and derange digestion. Quiet, cheerful surroundings, with congenial companions enhance digestion” [2].

Social causes of mental and physical sickness such as environmental toxins, unclean and overcrowded living conditions and insufficient sleep are some of the devitalizing lifestyles that are crippling the health of many people today. Mental influences have a powerful effect on the body. The body feels and responds to every state of mind whether positive or negative and the mind is affected by the state of the body. Think of a time when you or someone you know has suffered from fear and recall the physiological effects on the body; raised blood pressure, loss of appetite, stress incontinence, muscular tension all of which were likely a result of mental dialogue or a preconceived notion. These physical states of the body have often affected the mental state of the person which has led to an increased sense of fear, isolation and depression, perpetuating this mind – body interconnection. This demonstrates that the health of the body is essential to the health of the mind.

Strong emotions such as anger, jealousy and worry immediately suspend secretion of the digestive juices. “Shock, as from a wound or an operation will cause sugar to appear in the urine. Apprehensiveness and “nervousness,” or excitement does likewise. Worry, as from financial loss, is a common cause of functional glycosuria (sugar in the blood). An argument is frequently responsible for an increase in blood-pressure, gastrointestinal (digestive) disorders, gall-bladder troubles (these being outgrowths of the digestive derangements), and acute exacerbations of diabetes” [3].

The power of the mind can also have positive effects on the body and its functions. These influences can also stimulate bodily functions and promote good health as does placebo effect where the person’s mental belief is deeply planted in the results of a particular healing agent or action, that the body starts to respond to the positive thoughts of health and begins a healing process. Self-esteem, positive thoughts, visualizations and personal beliefs all play a major role in the effect of the mind over the body. “I have witnessed many drug addicts completely change after they gave their lives to Christ. They began to heal by making a spiritual commitment, becoming part of a church, and reading and applying the Bible to their lives. The passion of their beliefs overtook their drive to use drugs” [4].

It is highly recommended to apply the holistic approach for optimal health of your body and ensure you incorporate the body, mind and spirit synergistically. Health or disease is not caused by food or the mind alone, but they do form some of the conditions that are essential to life. We are at peace with ourselves and on the path to a blissful and beautiful life with radiant health when we are able balance our body, mind and spirit within the world we live.


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