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Market Analysis - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2


Dr Surinder Singh Kukal

Punjab agricultural university, India, E-mail: [email protected]

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Dr Surinder Singh Kukal

Punjab agricultural university, India, E-mail: [email protected]

The size of the domestic market for smart agriculture according to the estimation of a research company, in FY2015 was approximately 9.72 billion yen, in FY 2016, 11.05 billion yen and in FY2022 expands to 33.19 billion yen. Moving forward, until FY2017 it mainly focused on cultivation support solutions like farm products production control but after FY2018, an increase in sales and operational support solutions was expected. Around FY 2018 expand of precision farming is expected.

Why Japan:

There is a serious shortage of labor in Japan in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and the food industry due to decrease in farming population and progress of ageing but going forward improvement is expected due to progress of smart agriculture.

On the alternative hand, there are many issues owing to the introduction of smart agriculture. Varied technologies square measure needed for smart agriculture but worth aggressiveness is required of companies providing such solutions. For that, it is expected that by companies collaborating and competitive not only among Japan but collectively overseas, their technology and knowhow will develop. It is a necessity to cut back development worth, moreover as by following standardization, to the foremost gettable extent supported collaboration between business, government and domain and victimization existing technologies and components.

Amidst more and more ageing of population engaged in agriculture and absence of labour, monumental time is needed by new farmers to master the knowhow, as agriculture is associate degree occupation that has several operations that need long expertise and instinct. Additionally, in agriculture there is lack of coordination between entities like production and distribution and compared to different fields, its several inefficiencies and the increase in productivity like yield is sluggish.

Agriculture Asia Pacific 2020 witnessed a merger of Supreme speakers United Nations agency enlightened the gang with their data and confabulated on varied new-fangled topics associated with the sector of agriculture and Organic farming with namely Dr. Surinder Singh Kukal, Director & Dean of Punjab Agricultural University, India.

Agriculture Research Centers Worldwide:

• Kerry Group, Ireland

• Vilmorin, France

• Adler Seeds, US

• China Agri-Industries Holdings, China

• ContiGroup Companies, Belgium

• Case Corporation, US

• Golden State Foods, US

• Heritage Foods, India

• Noble Group, South America

• The Mosaic Company, US

• Monsanto, US

• Wayne Farms, US

• Dawn Meats, Ireland

• Groupe Limagarin, France

• Bayer Crop Science, Germany

• New Holland Agriculture, Italy

• John Deere Tractor, US

• CLAAS, Germany

• Skellerup, New Zealand

• Technofarm International, Libya

Agriculture Research Centers Worldwide:

• Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research, France.

• Africa Rice Center, Benin

• Biodiversity International, Italy

• Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia

• International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia

• International Crops Research Institute (Semi-Arid Tropics), India

• International Food Policy Research Institute United States

• International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria

• International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Kenya

• International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Mexico

• International Potato Center (CIP), Peru

• International Rice Research Institute Philippines

• International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Sri Lanka

• World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya

• World-Fish Center (International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management), Malaysia.


Program Manager| Agriculture Asia pacific, 2020 Email id: [email protected], Phone No.: +44-203-769-097-2

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