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2020 Conference Announcement - Archives of General Internal Medicine (2019) Volume 3, Issue 3

International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

Luis Ayala

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Fakih Medical Center, UAE. E-mail: [email protected]

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International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences, condensed as Medical Science 2020, is a two-day gathering of experienced medical practitioners, professors and researchers from 23 medical disciplines from around the globe on February 24-25, 2020 in Rome, Italy.

The theme of this meeting is ‘Comprehensive Forum for Furtherance of Health and Medicine’ and the specialties hand-picked for discussion are Healthcare Management, Psychology & Mental Health, Internal Medicine, Neurology, General Surgery, Cardiology, Cancer Study, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Immunology, Alternative Medicine, Plastic Surgery and Nursing Care.

Medical Science 2020 Conference aim is to ensure that our conference constantly pushes the boundaries in terms of quality content, updated innovations and education in the field of health and medicine. The courses are presented in various session formats for an engaging educational experience, such as clinical case presentations, interactive workshops, poster and oral presentations, Young Research Forum and debates.

This Italy Medical Science Conference is also the ideal place to discover the latest products in the market. Organizing Committee Members from the USA, Russia, UAE and Japan have come together to create an intense scientific program.

What will you get from this gathering? An opportunity to showcase your research, explore the power of your profession and earn CPD while you enjoy Rome. Take a stroll through the exhibition hall and attend the symposia to have an enriching and an intense scientific experience. We are hosting an audience of physicians, medical professors, neurologists, psychologists, internists, surgeons, cardiologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, medical industry leaders, medical device manufacturers and relevant society members. All presentations during the congress will be conducted in English, the official language of the Medical Science 2020.

The added benefits of attending the conference are:

• Access to all talk sessions and workshops

• Access to the exhibition hall

• Conference bag, souvenir, name ID and lanyards

• Networking and one-on-one sessions

• 2 days breakfast and lunch

• Certificate of Attendance by Organizing Committee Members

• Reception banquets

• Refreshments and Wi-Fi

• CPD Credits

A vision today could be a reality tomorrow. We especially encourage the students to step forth and bring their research and ideas to global attention. The tourism opportunity in Rome is just an added gain. Come join us in the success story of Medical Science 2020.

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