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Short Article - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2019) Volume 2, Issue 2

How to use your Brain to motivate yourself

Max Leone

Licensed NLP Trainer, Italy

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Problem statement: We see a significant number of people who know what they want to create in life, and yet they find it hard to motivated themselves to go through the action steps required to succeed. We also see people who feel drawn towards something they know is not beneficial to them, and yet they keep pursuing it just because they feel “compelled” to do so. The common issue is that their choices and their motivation are out of alignment. The common reaction is to use self-discipline “to get things done,” which causes an inner conflict that quickly depletes our energy, making it hard to perform at the level of excellence. Because of that, they start to experience a sense of frustration, guilt, and helplessness that results in a strong decrease in personal productivity.

Discoveries: It has been discovered that lack of motivation is simply caused by the weakness of a desire, rather than being a deficiency of the individual, and that by changing the way we represent our goals, we can stimulate a strong drive to move away or towards something in everyone. Therefore, motivation is something that each and all of us have as, and the way to fill the gap between what we want (provided that it is congruent with our values) and the willingness to act at the best of our ability is to change the inner representation of the object of our desire.

Conclusion & Significance: To do so there are principles that can be applied successfully to everyone indistinctly and specific ones that are unique to each individual allowing them to tap into greater levels of motivation. By doing so we will go from being a passive witness of the rising and falling of motivation to a conscious creator who is able address it in the pursuit of worthwhile goals.

How do you get motivated? We all want to maximize our time and do more of the things we love to do but sometimes we get stuck in the process of getting ready. We want to live each day with a clear intention of getting closer to our goals and living a happy, successful life. Each day we want to get better but in reality we never fall off.

The best source of motivation comes from oneself-Engagement. You should light up your own fire. Waiting for inspiration is not enough to start moving forward. It doesn't have to be something that's happening to you, it's something you can make. All progress and motivation commence with action. One action leads to the next. Action will get you improved outcomes and new experiences. If my coaching customers suffer I am basically getting them to continue taking action from distraction. Getting shot to do something practical this could be getting up earlier, or committing to doing daily exercise. Even if it's just 5 minutes of doing it, it's always the little push that's enough to get them moving. If you focus on a few things to bring about the change you want, it can have a dramatic effect on your business and your life. Here are 11 things that you can do right now to take that jump and to increase brain power, memory and motivation in the process. This allows you to simplify your life by planning your life creatively. Delegating and doing away with Activities that don't inspire or motivate you to maximize your time and focus your energy on achieving your goals. When your mind is confused and cluttered with all of the projects and tasks you need to do, it's really hard to remain motivated. But if you can make things simpler, if you can carve away the unnecessary, your life will be more focused. And more focus brings more motivation.

What areas could you simplify your life?

One way you could do that would be to combine tasks. Think of two things that you want to do, and see if you can merge them into one.

Essentially, you fuse lots of smaller tasks into one task together and complete them all together. So instead of doing one task on one day and another task on another day, getting lots of little things done all together becomes a focused blitz. This frees us more time, and gives you a sense of achievement, which increases motivation.

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