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Editorial - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2020) Volume 3, Issue 1

Future of healthy world : Change for revolution.

Shaopeng Chi*

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brain Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Bejing, China

Corresponding Author:
Shaopeng Chi
Assistant Professor Brain Research
Institute Tsinghua University China
E-mail: [email protected]
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Journal of Food Nutrition & Health is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that offers pioneering research exploring the association of food and nutrition in promoting healthy living.

Journal of Food Nutrition & Health offers scholarly research articles meant to create awareness on the ill effects of malnutrition by underlining the impact of food safety and security. It emphasizes the role of comprehensive diet in building strong immune responses to prevent and fight health disorders.

Here are the best articles out of our Volumes. All articles published are of research articles and represented with their abstracts as below.

Epidemiology of salmonella and its serotypes in human, food animals, foods of animal origin, animal feed and environment.

The present review was undertaken to determine the epidemiology of Salmonella serotypes from food animals, food of animal origin, environment, animal feed, water and humans. For this a number of sensitive phenotypic and genotypic detection methods for Salmonella were reviewed. In general, a total of 34,051 samples for quantitative analysis were analyzed.

In conclusion, Salmonella is widely distributed with diverse hosts, serotype and environmental niche. Therefore, early detection of Salmonella relevant for investigating source of infection and implementing prevention and control measures

Analysis of pesticide residue concentration in exported quality ceylon black tea by GC-MS.

Contamination of food commodities with pesticide residues have become a major concern throughout the world as it causes adverse health effects to the humans. Different regulatory bodies have been established MRLs for pesticide residues, in order to control the health risks. This study distinguishes the selected Ten pesticide’s residual contamination of the exported quality Ceylon black tea. The analysis was carried out by the modified QuEChERS extraction method using GCMS.

Fatty acid profile of agro industry waste of pumpkin Cucurbita maxima

The use of pumpkin seeds has not been considered as important resource by the agroindustry, however the presence of fatty acids in Curcubitamaxima seeds such as meristic, palmitic, linoleic, oleic and stearic have been identified by the traditional soxhlet method using solvents as ethanol, chloroform and hexane, except for the linoleic that was not identified in chloroform, the intensity of the area peaks identified by GC-MS did not show significant difference between ethanol and hexane that were higher with respect to chloroform, for this reason the use of ethanol to be a solvent called GRAS is very useful for the agro-industrial use of this seed.

Energy dense rice biscuit formulation to improve malnutrition status of urban street children in Bangladesh.

Rice is the main source of dietary energy for approximately 166 Million of Bangladeshi population. Rice based processed food items have potential scope in malnutrition mitigation approach. In this study we have formulated energy dense nutraceutically enriched rice-based bakery food formulation specially biscuits

Vegetarian diet: A preventive for mental diseases.

The objective of this work is to make a quantitative estimation of the amino acids supply per day from the diet chart proposed, because the amino acids play important role to safe guard against so many mental diseases. Actually, the medicines for mental illness contain high dose of amino acids while a mild dose can act as a preventive for the diseases.

Relationship of physical activity with obesity indicators and serum leptin level in a type 2 diabetic local population.

Current study was planned to investigate relationship of physical inactivity with obesity indicators and leptin levels in type 2 diabetics. Type 2 diabetes patients (n=112) visiting public hospitals of Lahore participated in this study.

Anthropometric changes with aging and their association with different health complications.

All morphological physical features of human body change throughout one’s life span and the rates of change are not constant. The maturity of the anthropometric characteristics varies among populations due to genetic make-up, environment and other concomitants

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