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Editorial - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2020) Volume 4, Issue 7

Editorial note for journal of molecular oncology research.

Charles Peizer*

The Letai Lab, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA

Corresponding Author:
Charles Peizer
The Letai Lab Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, USA
E-mail: [email protected]

Accepted date: December 20, 2020

Citation: Piezer C. Editorial note for journal of molecular oncology research. J Mol Oncol Res. 2020;4(7):20-21.

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Editorial Note

The Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (JMOR) is an international, rapid peer reviewed journal that encourages and supports good quality and genuine original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and technology reports, perspectives on all disciplines and therapeutic areas within the specialty.

With the attentiveness and regards of Journal of molecular oncology research and my co-editors, I am honored to represent a note on volume 4 issue 5. The journal established in 2017 has now published 12 issues so far. We could reach this extent with the uninterrupted keep up of board members and conceptual and cognitive amplitude of our readers and contributors (authors and reviewers). The Journal of Molecular Oncology is a complete open access rapid peer reviewed international journal. One of the main objectives of this journal is to hearten and uplift publication from different streams of research that helps to enrich further the discussion on cancer research at molecular level.

Upon the request of my peers and editorial board members I would like to represent the volume 4 issue6 of the journal. In this issue we have published an perspective article, two editorials and editorial note and awards 2020.

The perspective article titled as “Bcl-2 chromosomal translocation t(14;18) in lung cancer tumors and lung biopsy specimens” by Reza Sheikhnead described about the role of BCL-2 gene in the amplication and translocation that affects the non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas as well as non-small lung cancers. The author took good care in the selection of tools for measurement of DNA concentration and BCL translocation. the author also gave detailed analysis of MCR break point and MBR break point that played key role in the research work [1].

The editorial title as “Editorial for journal of molecular oncology research” by Yufeng Peg mentioned about the aims and scopes and research interests of the journal. The editor mentioned about the benefits of the journal. The author described about the rapid peer review process that has been done in the publication process of the articles [2].

The editorial titled as “A study on lung cancer” by Hajipour Tripati in which the author described the impact of lung cancer that is causes major deaths all over the world the author mentioned about the symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, stages for lung cancer [3].

The editorial note titled as “A brief note on previous issue” by Mark Heidari in which the author described about the summary on the previous issue of the journal that is volume 4 issue 5. The author described about the various articles [4].

The conference editorial titled as awards 2020 by Vivek Kumar in which the author described about the types of awards presented to different scientists off various backgrounds [5].


I thank all reviewers for their excellent contributions. At this stage we are calling for submissions of articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor for the upcoming issues. We glance forward to receiving your exciting contribution. Finally, I would like to thank you, the contributors and readers for your interest in the journal and I encourage you to continue to send us your valuable feedback and ideas for further improvement of our journal.


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