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Awards 2020 - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2019) Volume 2, Issue 4

Awards Announcement for Public Health 2020

Luis Ayala

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Fakih Medical Center, UAE, E-mail:

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Allied Academies is a non-profit organization which hosts interdisciplinary international self-funded conferences on cutting-edge basic and applied research in life sciences, medicine, healthcare and nursing delivered by the best in industry and academia. Founded in 1996, the mission of Allied Academies is to gather the researchers, principal investigators, experts and researchers working under academia and health care industry, business delegates, scientists and students across the globe to provide an international forum for the dissemination of research results, new ideas and to build a network between people of the same profession.

The International Conference on Public Health and Epidemiology is an excellent opportunity to bring your research to the global attention and earn some academic fame. Public Health 2020 is proud to recognize the deserving with awards which uplifts their career and encourage achieving more. Judged on quality of research, creativity and effectiveness of particulars, the awards are distributed by the Organizing Committee Members.

Best Speaker Award

Speakers are an integral part of a conference and they decide the dimension of the event. A conference’s success is majorly decided by the speakers the conference has. Allied Academies is proud to present the Best Speaker Award to a rightfully deserving speaker who shows exemplary presentation skills, interacts with the audience, owns the moment and adds important dimension to the conference proceedings. Their presentation, body language, soft skills, research information and audience engagements are all taken into account. Each speaker is crucially evaluated by the Organizing Committee Members and unanimously selected as the best speaker.

Best Keynote Award

A keynote talk is delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message or most important topic of the conference. A Keynote Speaker should be able to catch the essence of the gathering and be able to highlight it to the audience in a period of about 40 minutes. Best Keynote Award is presented to someone who is well known for their expertise and delivers a beneficial plenary talk to the attendees. Judged on the audience engagement and field expertise, keynotes must possess great soft skills to set them apart from the normal speakers.

Best Poster Presentation Award

This competition is open to all students, graduates, post graduates and research scholars (not above the age of 35). Not only the visuals of the poster, but the presentation skills of the presenter are also taken into account for winning the Best Poster Presentation Award. Poster Competition is organized at Allied Academies to encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research in the form of a poster which is easily viewable and open for all to perceive and question. Allied Academies aims at acknowledging all the budding scientists and researchers to present their real-time work related to the theme of the conference.

Young Scientist Award

Young investigators are the focus of this award. The Young Researchers Forum is a platform exclusively for the young generation of researchers. It offers young researchers the possibility to discuss research topics and develop ideas, learn from each other and gain acknowledgment from experienced researchers. These presentations are of 20 minutes duration in related scientific track followed by 5 minutes Q&A. Most comprehensive and dynamic talk will receive the Young Scientist Award.

Best Video Presentation Award

Video Presentation is sent in by candidates who are not able to make it to the conference but would like to spread the word of their research. Anybody who is interested to contribute to the conference is eligible for video presentation. Video presentation will be played at the conference in their respective session and the presenter can be connected via photographs. We do not fail to acknowledge their effort and recognize the best entry with a Best Video Presentation Award.

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