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Awards 2020 - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Award Content 18th World Congress on Cancer Genomics, July 1-2, 2020, Paris, France

Adrian Udrea

Medical Director, Co-Owner la Medisprof Cancer Center, Romania, E-mail:

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Best Keynote Address of the Event

The best Keynote Address Awards aims at recognising the address that will give the best insight on the Oncogenomic highlight according to his/ her field and simultaneously prove to be thought initiating and successful in giving a proper introduction to the audience about the highlighted topic and lay a path for the consecutive speakers and presenters to follow.

Best Speaker Award

The conference will present its best speaker award to the speaker who is clear about his/ her paper and begins with a proper introduction to make the audience aware of his/ her topic and proceeds with the paper by briefing about the recent developments that the cancer society needs to know about and simultaneously explaining what should we expect from the future and upcoming requirements.

Best Poster Presentation

The criteria of poster presentation is to have a simplified visual description of the contents of the event that will simultaneously explain about the current definitions and expand the never ending desire of the audience for more knowledge and innovate them for the future evolution of Oncogenomic.

Best Exhibitor’s Award

Exhibition playing an important role in actually letting us know the utilisation capability of the researches being made by the scientists, the best exhibitors award will be presented to the participant who will showcase the most efficient use of the already made discoveries and inventions to open a path for the future world and will have the innovating capability to generate ideas for future Oncogenomic. The exhibitor should also be able to present his exhibition and explain the same in a proper way to the audience.

Best Video Presentation

The award aims at finding the best presentation made using a pre-recorded video to give the audience a realistic feel. The video should be clear and capable of explaining the contents the speaker wants to explain.

Best Young Research Forum

The award of Best Young Research Forum is aimed at recognizing the young researchers who work beyond their age and experience to shape a better future. They should be able to explain their bases well along with showing the future expectancies. They must reflect the progressions that they want to accomplish and should be able to explain how it would lead the world to take a step ahead in the field of Oncogenomic. The audience should get a shrewd idea of what they should expect from the future along with the assurance of having the future of Oncogenomic in better hands.

The Best Delegate Award

The delegates play an important role in the success of any event by being the audience and encouraging the participants for their presentations and papers. The best Delegate award is meant to pay honour to the delegate who plays an important role by sharing his precious time with us along with discussing with the participants about their presentations.



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