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Awards 2020 - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2019) Volume 3, Issue 3

Award Announcemnt of 17th International Conference on Cancer Science and Radiation Oncology

Stefan Glueck

Vice President, Celgene Corporation, E-mail: [email protected]

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Best Keynote Address of the Event

The phrase keynote speaker means that one should be able to deliver a speech that grabs all the attendees of the Radiation Oncology 2020 Conference. The awardees of best keynote speaker must have a wide range of experience and can grab all level of attendees which may include highly educated researchers and scholars. The best keynote speaker award in Radiation Oncology 2020 Congress is for person one who has expressed his unique ideas and thoughts in a unique manner. The highly eminent personality who has inspired and enlightened all the attendees of our Conference with his unique research work and thought provoking lecture will be awarded as the best keynote speaker of Oncology 2020 Conference.

Best Speaker Award

This award is oddly to recognize and acknowledge the upcoming speakers who have recently filled the vacancy of eminent personalities in the field of Oncology and Cancer. The best speaker award is for the one who grasped the attention of the attendees with his unique and innovative thoughts in Radiation Oncology 2020 Conference.

Best Poster Presentation

The Best Poster must include all the prominent research information in a simplified manner. This award is to identify the people who had created a way to enrich and enlighten the people in the form of poster. This award ensures to put spot light on such presenters and the posters who demonstrated the exemplary and to raise other attendees of our Radiation Oncology 2020 Conference to look into the excellence of such posters.

Best Video Presentation Award

The best video presentation award of Radiation Oncology 2020 is announced with the desire to acknowledge a person’s valuable contribution and to motivate him/her more active embracement in the field of Oncology. The best video presentation must have the ability to enlighten and motivate the attendees of our Conference and should set a path for a fruitful future. Such video presentation will be awarded in this section.

Best Video Presentation

The award aims at finding the best presentation made using a pre-recorded video to give the audience a realistic feel. The video should be clear and capable of explaining the contents the speaker wants to explain.

Best Young Research Forum (Yrf) Award

The best YRF award is to recognize the noteworthy work done by the student participants in our Radiation Oncology 2020 Conference. The award is given based on the standard of excellence and contribution done towards the conference and to the global scientific community. In addition, considering the outstanding, inspiring, effective and professional presentation which engaged all the attendees and participants of our Radiation Oncology Congress. Also, this award is especially for budding or young researcher who has reached a greater milestone in the field of Oncology and Cancer.

Best Exhibitor Award

The Best Exhibitor Award of Radiation Oncology 2020 is being given to recognize the industries that provide forefront technologies that enable the other pharmaceutical and drug firms to transform descriptive ideas to real life, reliable and cost effective technology in the production of cancer related drugs and devices. Also exhibitor showcasing out breaking technology and new strategies in the field of Oncology and Cancer will be awarded as best exhibitor of Radiation Oncology 2020 Conference.



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