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2020 Conference Announcement - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Announcement of Cancer Genomics 2020 Conference Editorial, July 1-2, 2020, Paris, France

Adrian Udrea

Medical Director, Co-Owner la Medisprof Cancer Center, E-mail: [email protected]

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The team of Cancer Genomics 2020 is glad to announce the 18th World Congress on Cancer Genomics which is ready to be held with full force on 1st and 2nd of July 2020. The congress is planned to be organised in “the city of lights” Paris, France. The capital and most populous city of France also holds the record for having most number of highly educated people in the country with an enormous education industry that employs around 330000 people teaching around 2.9 million students in approximately 9000 primary, secondary, higher education schools and institutes proving itself to be an ideal location for an insightful and enriching conference.

The era of genomics although begun around 1990s but the Human genome Project success in the 21st century played the most important role in opening the gates for the study of functional genomics and examining tumour genomics.

Oncogenomics is potentially very important in treating cancer:

• As it helps in defining tumour phenotypes by mutations which is also an immediate cause of cancer.

• It helps in accessing both cancerous and normal tissue samples for the same patient which allows the identification of cancer-specific mutations.

• It helps in distinguishing the metastasis and drug resistance.

The last year conference being successful in achieving its aim of enlightening people about the initiatives of cancer genomics, the Paris Cancer Genomics Conference aims to be resourceful for different categories of scientists, health care professionals, oncologists, researchers, post doctorates, students, medical equipment manufacturers, drug manufacturers, and cancer societies and sets the goal to spread awareness about personalised medicines and how genomics testing and Oncogenomics is capable of bringing a revolutionary era in the treatment of cancer with its powerful theme of Unveiling Recent Ideas in Cancer Genomics.

The participants can expect several benefits from the Oncogenomic conference such as, an open stage to publish their research works in front of specialists in the field, get their research works published in the allied academy magazines, more variant and detailed knowledge gaining from the eminent profiles’ experience and research in the field, awareness about the developments being made and the plans about future developments through its extraordinary exhibitors, thought steering oral, poster and video presentations, growth of professional network and at the end of the day being in the City of Lights is considered as an opportunity in itself where one ca easily get themselves involved in the mesmerizing tourist spots around the city that speaks about the history and dignity of the city.

The Cancer Genomic Conference promises to provide its participants with privileges of thought-provoking keynote addresses, oral and poster introductions about the recent achievements in the oncology field, exhibitor opportunities to showcase the recent advances for industries, sponsorship openings, media partner opportunities and association opportunities. The audience can streamline proper arrangement and sequencing of the keynotes and speeches with the differential conference highlights like Cancer Nanotheranostics, Whole Genome Sequencing, Stem Cells- Cancer, Emerging Themes in Cancer Genomics, Cancer Biopsy, Cancer Genome Therapy, Epigenetics & Cancer Genomics, Cancer Nanotechnology, Hormone-Dependent Cancers, New Frontiers in Gene Editing, Big Data in Cancer Genomics, Cell Fate in Cancer etc,.

As new the concept of Oncogenomic is, it has proved itself in its ability to treat cancer in the best possible way. Their still remaining many vertices of the field awaiting to be discovered, Cancer Genomics 2020 it doing its best to help the scientists in being aware of the cancer treatment surroundings and discovering the many more phases of the field that promises to help us in treating the disease of cancer in a best possible way.


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