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2020 Conference Announcement - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2020) Volume 3, Issue 1

Announcement: 28th Euro- Global Congress on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care

Kathy Nabie

Theatre Scrub Practioner, Non-Medical Surgical Assistant, HCA Healthcare, UK, E-mail: [email protected]

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We Allied Academies having a huge pleasure to host our upcoming conference ?CNE Accredited 28th Euro-Global Congress on Oncology Nursing and cancer care on October 19-20, 2020 Rome, Italy. We welcome all the participants across the globe to attend and to get benefited from the exploring the ideas, new technologies, and innovations in the nursing and healthcare sector.

And with an extreme delight, we create a worldwide scientific platform towards the advancement of future where all the nursing experts are brought together under a special stand to discuss and share the enhancements and investigations in Euro Global congress on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care.

Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care conferences have appreciably made an effect for sharing many useful studies to the development of nursing field.

Nursing field is in fame across the globe. Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care is designed in such a way that nursing and healthcare peers would switch their ideas and understanding with one another on a more intimate level.

Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference consists of may disciplines; they are: Cancer & Oncology, Fundamentals of oncology Nursing, Cancer Pain Management, Radiation Oncology, Nursing Cancer Plans, Advanced nurse Practices, Cancer Prevention and goes on.

The Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference will pave the way for many research scientist to carry out their research work in this field by making the platforms to share the existing/recent learnings by enhancing the gathering of world prominent scientists under one roof, which significantly shaped an exponential growth throughout the world.


• Systems administration Opportunities

• Growth of Professional Network

• Elevate Your Knowledge Base

• Enhance Your Awareness

• Interact with Specialists and Experts

• Learning in a New Space

• Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

• New Tips and Tactics

• Insight of the upcoming essentials

Scope and Significance:

Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference intends to find more innovations in health practice, management and education in relative to health disparities as well as a coverage of other topics. Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference conferences provides an international manifesto for exchanging opinions and makes us informed about the newest novelties in nursing and healthcare.

The conference consists of an Oral and poster presentations, young researcher presentations, workshops, symposiums for the applicants. The B2B meetings are also arranged with renowned scientists and other professional associates to work together and to utilize the potential of improving their professional contacts.

This Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference creates an excellent platform to all professionals working under the area of Medicine to involve in patient caring, to explore the advances in the current technologies, to spread awareness of disease merits and demerits, to expand the connections and resources, to build knowledge base and to grow our professional networks. So once again we invite all the professionals to participate in our conference.

Our wish is to expand a kind and inclusive welcome to all of you. Join hands with us in this honored discussion to share Knowledge and ideas in the field of oncology Nursing!!!

Importance of Attending:

Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference provides an excellent opportunity to experience the significant gathering of experts from the research community; the participants can network with the eminent scientists and explore the trending research in nursing research.

So, it is our enormous pleasure to invite all the colleagues/ associates to join us in the esteemed Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Conference gatherings.

Target Audience:

• Oncologists

• Radiologists

• Chemotherapists

• Doctors

• Oncology

• Medical Colleges

• Research faculty

• Academic Scientists

• Students

• Cancer Diagnostics Associations and Societies

• Diagnostic laboratory professionals

• Business Entrepreneurs

• Industry professionals

• Directors/Managers/CEO

• Presidents & Vice Presidents

• Pharmaceutical Industries

• Entrepreneurs in the field of Oncology

Categories of Participation:

• Keynote Speakers

• Delegates

• Young Research Forum

• Exhibitors

• Workshops

• Symposium

• Video or E-Poster

• Sponsors

Why to attend?

28th Euro-Global Congress on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care 2020 provides a platform where you can exchange ideas and keeps on updating about the latest innovations in nursing and their practices. It is a good opportunity to attend the presentations delivered by Eminent Scientists from all over the world.

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