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Editor Note - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2020) Volume 4, Issue 5

An Editorial Note on Journal of Agricultural science and Botany- Upcoming Strategies.

Vaitheeswaran Thiruvengadam

Department of Fisheries, Biology and Resource Management, Fisheries College and Research Institute, University of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, India

*Corresponding Author:
T. Vaitheeswaran
Department of Fisheries
Biology and Resource Management
Fisheries College and Research Institute
University of Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu, India
E-mail: [email protected]

Accepted Date: November 01, 2020

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Editorial Note

Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany is a Peer-reviewed medical journal that recollects a wide extent of fields for its control to make a platform for the authors to make their contributions towards the journal. The editorial office promises a thorough peer review of the submitted original manuscripts to ensure quality.

The journal meets the research needs of aspiring researchers and scientists across the world on a wide range of topics including crop science, modeling of crop, organic farming, agricultural biotechnology, agricultural economics, food science, etc.

Fortunately, with the consistent assistance of Eminent Editorin- Chief's and Editorial Board Members, Potential Reviewers and Active Authors we can run this journal so viably till now and The Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (AAASCB) provides the publication of articles.

AAASCB, is a peer reviewed scholarly journal that aims for wide dispersal of examination progressions with respect to the agricultural science and botany. The journal focuses on the promotion of science research through the rapid publication of excellent high-quality research articles, systematic reviews and innovation reports, perspectives, etc.

The journal moreover disperses organizations on research enhancements identifying with the agricultural science of generally complete and solid wellspring of information on the disclosures and moved progressions in this field.

In the earlier years, aside from releasing regular issues at present, our principle center is to make scientific papers more open for aspiring researchers. With the help of Editor-in-Chief's, Editorial board members, Executive editors and Guest Editors, we are planning to come up with fascinating special issue themes to empower the authors.

Finally, AAASCB genuinely acknowledges each and every member single part for their significant help in this Publication Process. We generally anticipate work with numerous young researchers over the globe.

Upcoming Strategies to improve Journal

• We attempt to improve readers for the published respective article in different social networking stages like Twitter, Linked in, etc.

• We are moving toward center Laboratories, research establishments, examination labs and departmental Universities for call for papers just as related journals.

• We are sending ideal Call for papers for the separate countries as indicated by their time line

• We are utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by adding significant keywords in the article, simpler for thefor the Google Keyword Planner to show our article in higher pages while the readers search.

• We are moreover available to the authors through live chat to respond quickly.

Authors are warmly welcomed to present their flow current research exercises and results as any article Type of science correspondence, such as original research, review, expert opinion, commentary, short note communication to our Journal.

Manuscripts can be submitted online via Editorial Tracking System or as an E-mail attachment to the [email protected]. AAASCB is using Online Review and Editorial Tracking Systems for quality review process and the authors can submit manuscripts and track their progress.

Have a great & healthy day ahead.

With best regards,

Vaitheeswaran T

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