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Editorial - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

A Time to Change Cosmetic Dentistry

Asma Tabassum*

Banasthali Vidyapith, India, E-mail: [email protected]

*Corresponding Author:
Asma Tabassum
Banasthali Vidyapith
E-mail: [email protected]

Accepted date: January 29, 2021

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After such a long and historic winter, as spring and summer approach and the world renews, it migh t just be time to put a fresh face on life and a new smile. Via cosmetic enhancement, appearance can be changed and standards today are higher than ever before. The most drastic esthetic effects will result from smile enhancement in many instances.

It is possible to take small measures to render improvements very noticeable.

What you see, what you get, is that?

About a lot, here's a bit. "Cosmetic" is derived from the ancient Greek (kosmetike) meaning "the art of dress and ornament" and from (kosmeo) "to order, to organize, to govern, to decorate, to equip, to dress, to embellish." Cosmetic, as in dentistry, is mostly external or superficial; it relates only to something's surface or appearance. 

It is also not appropriate to associate cosmetics with aesthetics. The analysis of sensory or emotional values, often referred to as feeling and taste judgments, is generally represented in esthetics. It could be said that aesthetics define how you feel and the importance that you put on a cosmetic improvement. 

What are cosmetic dentists? What are cosmetic dentists? 

Cosmetic dentistry has arguably been around since dentists began to repair and fix teeth, transforming smiles in consequence. Every dentist is simply a cosmetic dentist. Both dentists are qualified and trained to cosmetically perform treatment procedures during their formative years in dental school, since form follows function and function after all. 

But today, cosmetic dentistry has almost become a dental specialty. A story about "Chicken and Egg" is what has motivated the transition. Nevertheless, in dentistry, an age based on facial appearance, we live in an exciting era. And the appetite for change is not only strong, but is now practically feasible, for the most part. The healing arts are able to offer cosmetic products today more than ever before. 

Many general dentists and dental specialists have taken many continuing education courses and researched cosmetic improvement in depth, along with their medical counterparts. Academies, societies and research clubs are committed to this unique activity 

Study of Smile

It all begins with a "Smile Analysis," which is important for the cosmetic enhancement and improvement phase. We call "a smile." There are many factors that make up what contributes to the special end result. The show that goes on display is not just those pearly whites when the curtain goes up and the lips part. 

On this particular point, just think of all the actors: teeth in all their different aspects, shapes, colors and sizes; gum health and gum line, framing the teeth and smile; tooth alignment, spacing and bite; upper to lower jaw relationships; and all the face, including eyes, lips, skin and more, in the sense of the big picture. 

All these aspects need to be taken into consideration when complex cosmetic enhancement is considered, because changing one thing can change everything. 

Choosing the Cosmetic Dentist "Right"

You must do your due diligence by finding the best "cosmetic dentist." Identifying the fact that you want or need a cosmetic dental improvement might well be the first step. The second one is to find the dentist to do it and then ask the correct questions. 

Many dentists who have received special training in this field will be able to share their experience with you and to show you photographs of their cases. An examination of a smile might be a good place to begin. Skill levels may and do differ among dental health professionals. 

The expertise, abilities and combined experience of a dental "team" may be needed for cosmetic dental change, particularly for a more radical smile change

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