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Mini Review - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 7

A Mini Review on Health Nutrition and its Analysis

Sujith Kumar*

Department of Medicine, Gujrat University, India

*Corresponding Author:
Sujith Kumar
Department of Medicine
Gujrat University, India
E-mail:[email protected]

Accepted date: July 30, 2021

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Public health nutrition is that the promotion of nutrition-related health of populations. This paper aims to point out the essential role of food composition databases for public health nutrition mistreatment examples from The Netherlands, and to purpose to gaps and wishes for the long run. Food composition databases play a job within the Assessment, Analyses and Action phases of public health nutrition. A very important activity within the Assessment part is that the identification of nutrients that intake is just too low or too high. Moreover, food composition databases area unit required analyzing the dietary problems; as an example, to spot the most food sources of nutrients that intake is just too high. Within the Action part, food composition knowledge area unit among others accustomed inform customers concerning the organic process content of foods. Gaps and wishes for food composition databases area unit associated with the quickly ever-changing food markets and to new organic process and health interests. ICT developments and also the accessibility of branded food databases offer new opportunities and challenges. In addition, there's a necessity for continuing improvement of international harmonization of food composition databases to alter international analysis and comparisons. Finally, national food composition databases area unit essential for public health nutrition. A continuing effort is required to stay them up-to-date and of fine quality.


Food composition information, Public health nutrition, Nutrient intake

Mini Review

Unhealthy diets area unit a key risk issue for the foremost current non-communicable diseases like vessel diseases, diabetes and varied sorts of cancer. Consistent with the worldwide burden of malady 2017, unhealthy diets were to blame for forty-two you look after deaths to disorder, thirty-two you must kind a pair of diabetes, seven you must cancer, and for 16 PF of all deaths among adults in Western Europe. Therefore, an oversized health gain will be achieved through the interference of non-communicable diseases by policies aimed toward rising dietary intake of populations.

Public health nutrition is aimed toward promoting and maintaining nutrition-related health of populations through united actions of society and wise to decisions of voters. Publicly health nutrition, activities will be classified consistent with the triple A phases, i.e., Assessment, Analyses, and Action. Within the Assessment part, the most issues area unit determined. Within the Analyses part, the underlying causes of the matter area unit investigated. Finally, within the Action part, activities area unit undertaken to counteract the issues. This is often once more followed by AN Assessment step to gauge if the dietary issues minimized because of the enforced actions. Thus, public health nutrition includes AN in-progress cycle of activities evolving through the triple A phases over time

The framework that's accustomed show the importance of food composition databases for public health nutrition is that the public health intervention designing cycle, portrayed as a flower by Baillie et al. The flower leaves represent six sorts of activities, 2 in every part of the general public Health Triple A phase, i.e., Assessment, Analyses, and Action. The primary leaf ?Assess issues and needs? is concerning characteristic the most public health issues in an exceedingly population. Epidemiologic studies of diet and health or common diseases, and scrutiny dietary intake with dietary recommendations area unit the most activities here. within the next leaf ?Determinant analyses?, the underlying determinants of the known public health issues area unit studied. This is often a part of the Analyses part. Additionally, within the same part, varied ways in which to unravel the known issues by targeting the underlying determinants area unit thought-about and explored. This activity is named ?Explore strategy choices. Then within the Action part, ?Planning and prioritization? of varied choices for public health nutrition actions, takes place. later, the general public health nutrition actions come in the ?implementation? part. And lastly, the enforced actions area unit ?evaluated?, that brings USA back to the Assessment part. For all six sorts of activities shown within the flower leaves, one or 2 examples from The Netherlands area unit bestowed in section four. In these examples, databases from NethFIR, The Netherlands Food Data Resource area unit used.

The activities within the Assessment and Analyses part were conducted by the National Institute for Public Health and also the setting (RIVM), those within the Action part by The Netherlands Nutrition Centre and also the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. All told examples food composition databases play a vital role. Therefore, food composition databases area unit crucial to public health. Our examples additionally showed that, reckoning on the applying, integrative knowledge of generic foods, branded foods or dietary supplements is required. Though the examples illustrating the importance of food composition databases apply to The Netherlands, different authors have represented this for different countries, like for the USA, Africa, New Zealand and Europe. Clearly for low- and middle-income countries applications are going to be terribly totally different to high financial gain countries like The Netherlands. Moreover, national food composition databases also are essential outside the sector of public health nutrition, like in fare substance, clinical observes, food trade, food safety, catering, welcome, and in additional elementary and clinical organic process analysis.


Food composition databases play a vital role publicly health nutrition. Hence, a continuing effort is required to stay the values up-to-date, improve their quality, and to increase the databases with new foods, new elements and different food characteristics so as to higher address current and future problems publicly health nutrition and different social problems. This is often a serious challenge, as a result of the perpetually ever-changing foodstuff on those foods and dietary supplements area unit new launched, reformulated, and disappear

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