Journal of Molecular Oncology Research

Editor Note - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2020) Volume 4, Issue 6

A brief note on previous issue.

Mark Heidari*

President of American International Standards Institute (AISI), Irvine, California, USA

Corresponding Author:
Mark Heidari
President of American International Standards Institute
E-mail: [email protected]

Accepted date: November 25, 2020

Citation: Heidari M. A brief note on previous issue. J Mol Oncol Res. 2020;4(6):24.

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With the attentiveness and regards of Journal of molecular oncology research and my co-editors, I am honored to represent a note on volume 4 issue 5. The journal established in 2017 has now published 12 issues so far. We could reach this extent with the uninterrupted keep up of board members and conceptual and cognitive amplitude of our readers and contributors (authors and reviewers).

The Journal of Molecular Oncology is a complete open access rapid peer reviewed international journal. One of the main objectives of this journal is to hearten and uplift publication from different streams of research that helps to enrich further the discussion on cancer research at molecular level.

We take this good time to thank the authors/publishers for sharing their articles for publishing and making their expertise knowledge visible to readers globally which was motivating and inspiring. In this note we were going to describe about the articles that are published in volume 4 issue 5 that include Short communication, Editorial note, Editorial, Market Analysis and Young Research Forum.

The short communication entitled “Breast cancer in mexico, a reality that is increasing” by Ortega Jiménez Mayra del Carmen, García Rodríguez Deysi Emilia, Ortega Jimenez Marcela described about the breast cancer and its rate of malignancy and metastatic through its high rate, uncontrolled proliferation, of cancer cells of various tissues of mammary glands in the lobules of breast that leads to the formation of the tumour. The author took good research analysis on death rates in women per 1lakh people. The author also mentioned about the mortality rates in cities. The author mentioned about the breast cancer that is increasing vigoursly in the Mexico. The author wrote good report on the increasing rate of deaths related to breast cancer in Mexico and measure taken by the health care sector to reduce the deaths. The article is well presented and has good scope in future studies of breast cancer [1].

The editorial mote entitled “Summary on previous issues” by Kelly Olga shared the opinion about the articles that are published in volume 4 issue 4 detailing about the stages and development of liver cancer, the capacity of HPV to cause cancer, the modifications that occur in Wilm’s tumour, the expansion of prostate cancer, and study of hormonal changes of breast cancer [2].

The editorial entitled “Emerging advances of nanomedicine in cancer therapy” by Orkideh Martias explained about the advancement in Nano medicine that helped and improved the treatment of cancer. The author nano carriers like polymers, biological nanomaterials, inorganic nanomaterials, liposomes, hydrogels, hybrid nanomaterials and micelles that help in targeting the cancer cells and tumour [3].

The young research forum entitled “Young research forum – Young scientist awards cell signaling 2020 by Edward Park described about the cell signaling and its benefits and scope of the research field [4].

The market analysis entitled “Explore the latest innovative treatment and prevention of oncology and cancer by Diya Sharan mentioned about the market analysis report of cancer and its scope and importance in various continents like Asia, Europe [5].


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