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Editorial - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2019) Volume 2, Issue 1

9th European Congress on Breast Cancer, Women's Health and Therapeutics

Ibrahim Mashaal

Senior Consultant, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, El-Mahalla General Hospital, Egypt, E-mail:

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Breast Cancer Congress publishes Awards 2020

Allied Academies introduces awards under various categories to encourage the attendees for their excellent contributions towards the scientific community and for the betterment in the field of Women Health, through the Breast Care Congress. The awards will be decided after careful evaluation and paper reading, and the best of the flock will be chosen meticulously. The Awarding will be taking place in the European Congress on Breast Cancer, Women`s health, and Therapeutics on October 16- 17, 2020 after all the sessions are completed and in Vienna, Austria.

Best Keynote Speaker Award

The Best Keynote Speaker Award of Euro Congress on Breast Cancer, Women`s Health and Therapeutics, will be given to that speaker, who outstretches beyond expectation, both through their research work and their key message, through their potential talk at the Conference. The A best Keynote speaker is will be someone who could engage the audience, with his style, humour and above all a splendid content. Such a speaker, who can charm the audience and captivate them all through his talk will be awarded the Best Keynote Speaker award.

Session`s Best Presentation Award

The series will include many sessions under the different highlights/tracks of the conference including a vast array of topics. The criterions include quality of research, research methodologies, clarity, results, proofs, and presentation skills which would include the effective presentation, professional and impactful message delivery and engaging and answering skills of the speaker. The Chairs of sessions decide which presentation will receive the Best Presentation Award.

Best Presentation Award

The award committee of 9th Euro Congress shall choose one presentation as the best of all the presentations, from all the sessions with suggestion from the chair and co-chairs of the sessions and the attendees, which will be awarded with an Best Presentation Award.

Best Student Presentation Award

The Student Category includes UGs, PGs, and PhD students who presents their research work. Allied Academies believe its these small encouragements that would nourish the young research community to reach greater heights. The Women`s Health Congress Best Student Award holder should be a student pursuing any of the above-mentioned degree and ought to have registered as a student to be eligible for the award. Based on the evaluation of the presentation and reading of papers, the conference chair decides the presentation which will be awarded with the Best Student Award.

Best Exhibitor Award

The Best Exhibitor Award is awarded to those whose products shall be clearly shown, an identifiable exhibitor (name tags / brand tags worn) at the exhibit all the times, attractiveness of the product display. Crowd appeal, customer greetings, and valid explanations, use of allotted area and customer conversion will all be evaluated. To win the Best Exhibitor Award, one must excel in all the above mentioned criterion, rise above competitors and clearly reflect marvel in product related to women health.

Best Video Presentation Award

The Euro Congress hosts a video presentation session to support those participants who are not able to physically attend the conference, but who would like to present their work to an international community. Video Presentation should be pre-recorded, and it will be played in the conference hall in its respective session. The Organization reckons, it must appreciate this extra effort of speakers, who try beyond their limits to extend their support. and one among them will be awarded with the Best Video Presentation Award and others with certificates.



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