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2020 Conference Announcement - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

3rd International Conference on Plant Science

Dwarika Singh

Chairman of the board, Asian consortium of farmers producer company limited, India, E-Mail: [email protected]

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We would like to welcome you all for the “3rd International Conference on Plant Science” at Amsterdam, Netherlands, on July 06 - 07, 2020. We would like to invite all the Phytologist, Botanist, Academic staffs, Research Fellows, and Agrarian Business sectors.

The theme would be for Plant Science 2020 is "Plant innovations and outreach". We look forward to your valuable presence and wish you a successful conference. Regards and Warm welcome by the Organizing Committee of Plant Science 2020.

Do make your presence in Plant Science 2020:

In our the conference, we are delighted for you all to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Plant Science 2020 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on July 06 – 07, 2020.

Our conference will reach out to all the scientists, research personnel, scholars, industrialists, horticulturists, academicians and individuals who belong to the agribusiness sector, training institutes, Agricultural Universities, R&D Laboratories to share their work and knowledge for better outcomes.

The purpose of this Plant sciences Conference would bring together international scholars working in plant sciences. This conference would cover a range of plant science innovations and will include topics such as plant biotechnology, Plant molecular biology, Plant genetic engineering, Plant biochemistry and Plant molecular sciences. In addition to invited talks, there will be an oral presentation, video presentation, posters and workshops.

Our conference would cover various innovative techniques that are practised by plant scientists and plant biotechnology techniques that are used to adapt plants that aid in developing new varieties and traits include plant genetics and plant genomics, marker-assisted selection (MAS), and transgenic (genetic engineered) crops.

This International conference provides you with the chance to meet like-minded people and academics. And you get to know the innovative techniques that are used in plant sciences and exposure to different kinds of plant biotechnology products that are vast over the world. Thus, for gaining knowledge and thereby geographical barriers to overcome together come with your peers and develop and share your knowledge.

The Conference will provide a platform where research scholars and students will be able to gain knowledge about new, innovative research and findings from the eminent Scientist, Researchers and Professors. The conference highlights of Plant science and Molecular Biology 2020 are as follows: Plant Physiology Conferences | Plant Science Meetings | Global Plant Science Conferences | Plant Science conference |Global Summit on Plant Science |Molecular Biology | Molecular Biology conference | Plant Science and Molecular Biology Conference 2020| Molecular Biology Summit 2020


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