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Editorial - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2019) Volume 2, Issue 1

13th International Conference on Cancer Stem Cells and Oncology Research(Past Conference Report )

Dr. Maria Salazar-Roa

Designation: Senior Research Scientist, Department: Biochemistry Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) Spain, E-mail:

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The Conference with the title “12th International Conference on Cancer Stem Cells and Oncology Research” held successfully on July 18-19, 2019 at Valencia, Spain hosted by Allied Academies with the theme of “Targeting the Roots of Cancer” was successful.

Events were started by the Keynote Speakers according to the agenda provided:

• Title: BCL-XL directly modulates RAS signalling to favour cancer cell stemness, Philippe Juin, France

• Title: Cancer stem cells: Engine of therapy resistance & seeds of tumour recurrence, Dean G Tang, USA

• Title: Inflammatory cytokines, induced by ionizing radiation, reprogram non-tumorigenic cancer cells into cancer stem cells in breast cancer, Chann Lagadec, France

• Title: Angiogenin and plexin-B2 inhibition sensitizes prostate cancer stem cells to Chemotherapy, Guo-fu Hu, USA.

•Title: Phage display library screening identifies novel binding peptides that preferentially target castration-resistant PSA-/lo prostate cancer stem cells, Kiera Rycaj, USA.

•Title: Maintenance of cancer stem cells by microRNA
Qien Wang, USA

Highlights of the Conference:

Cancer Stem Cells | Prostate Cancer Stem Cells | Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells | Therapies targeting Cancer | Stem Cells | Cancer Genomics | Metabolomics | Oncology | Cancer Care | Radiology | Anti-Cancer | Vaccine | Cancer Therapy | Therapeutic | Clinical Oncology | Biomarker


• Cancer Stem Cell

• Oncology Research

• Oncology Research Categories

• Stem cells

• Bio-markers of Cancer Stem Cells

• Immunology

• Cancer Stem Cell Treatments

• Types of Cancer

• Nanotechnology in Cancer

• Cancer Stages

• Cancer Causes

• Cancer Treatment

• Cancer prevention

• Clinical research and trials in stem cells and cancer

• Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

• 3D Bio printing & Bio fabrication

• Gene therapy

• Stem Cell Biology and advances

• Advances in Tissue Regeneration

• Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

• Stem Cell and Tissue Homeostasis

• Stem Cell Aging

• Stem Cell Therapy

• Recent advances in Stem Cell

• Epidermal Stem Cells

• Stem Cell Renewal

• Ethics considerations in stem cell therapy

• Advances in developmental biology and stem cells

The major sessions of the Conference were:

These Sessions were chaired and co-chaired further for proper allocation of time needed by the keynote speakers to complete their presentation in time.

⌈Scientific session on Day 1 was chaired by Dean Tang, USA

⌈Scientific session on Day 2 was chaired by Yong Li, Australia

⌈Scientific session on Day 3 was Chaired by Yong Li, Australia & co- chaired by Maithili A Athavale, India

Present Conference:

We extend our hearty welcome to all the participants to CANCER STEM CELL 2020 scheduled on May 25 – 26, 2020 at AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS with a theme “Hope against Hype – Cancer stem cells & Oncology Research ". We organize Global Events with Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business.

We gladly welcome all the attendees around the world for the hearing of the foremost recent innovations and inventions in the field of cancer. This Conference will provide a place for the exchange of ideas and views by leading scientists, researchers and also from the academicians around the globe. There will be many outstanding keynote speakers and well known leading scientists and experts from various places of the globe to share their ideas and talk about various aspects related to the field of Cancer stem cells. Our aim is to gather peer researchers, young scientists, academicians & industrialists to meet, discuss and share the ideas related to it and the knowledge that’s still more to be revealed. We heartily encourage you to attend and contribute to one of the major events of 2020 in the field of Cancer stem cells. The conference will reveal the present and future aspects in the field of Cancer stem cell which are the need for instant and better treatment.



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