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Research Paper - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

When Animals matter, our Mental Healthâ??s betterâ??: Incorporating the benefits of animals in assessment and management strategies by health clinicians.

Mental illness or ongoing psychological stresses can have negative effects on the bio-psycho-social spheres for individuals of all ages. 7.3 million Australians experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime with 8 taking their life every day (1). $43 to 51 billion is the direct expenditure with $15 billion being informal care provided by family and friends (2). It is well documented that interaction with animals results in positive effects on physical and psychological health and enhances empathy, compassion and self-worth, and offers companionship and non-judgemental acceptance. Unfortunately, the field of mental health has historically undervalued and paid little attention to the significance of human-animal bonds, particularly when trying to understand family functioning. Asking about pets can shed light on the family system, risk of harm to humans if there is pet abuse or neglect and loss of a pet can be the trigger for current psychological symptoms. This paper presents the findings from 2019 original research carried out in remote Central Australia.

Author(s): Verushka Krigovsky

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