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- Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 27, Issue 2

Watermarking algorithm for medical volume data anti-geometric attacks

In order to solve the information security problem of medical images, on the basis of considering the special medical image, a novel watermarking algorithm for medical volume data is brought out. First of all, three-dimensional (3D) discrete wavelet transformation for the medical volume data is carried out. Secondly, the wavelet coefficients are transformed by 3D discrete Fourier transform, and the first lowfrequency coefficients (4*5*4) are selected. Then, the first low-frequency coefficients (4*5*4) are transformed by 3D discrete inverse Fourier transform to get the feature vector. At last, the algorithm uses the difference hashing algorithm to process the feature vector to generate zero-watermarking. The experimental results show the watermarking algorithm has good resistance to geometric attacks and has better security. So the watermarking algorithm is more practical in the field of medical research.

Author(s): Baoru Han, Jingbing Li

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