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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Using temporary placeholder implants: Innovative 3D digital orthodontic solutions

Implant dentistry has the ability to dramatically improve a patient’s smile, health and confidence; however, implants might not be an option if a patient lacks the financial resources. A major limiting factor in dentistry and orthodontics is affordability. Not everyone has access to full coverage dental insurance or financial ability to pay out of pocket. ABO Certified Orthodontist and Dental Implant Educator, Paul L. Ouellette, DDS, MS, ABO, AFAAID, has worked passionately to make orthodontics and implant dentistry affordable to the public. He has found that technological advancements in CAD and 3D printing have made his vision a reality. Dr Ouellette aka Dr O discusses how to leverage technological innovation to improve adjunctive orthodontics and implant dentistry as well as reduce treatment costs. While permanent dental implant options remain costly, there are now game changing implant options available. Dr. O dives into the world of implants and OrthoVeneers and discusses the latest technological advancements including a hybrid temporary anchor device that will support a crown or bridge and maintaining implant receptor site bone. This patented medical device is called the TAD plant. Temporary Bone Anchors. Dr. O will discuss how longevity (10+ years) and affordability make TAD plant a viable interim option for adults, as well as younger growing patients who are not candidates for permanent dental implants due to immature bone. Learn how TAD plant can be placed flapless with or without a surgical guide in 60 seconds and removed in less than 30-seconds. TAD plant planning is done with CBCT imaging and simple cephalometrics to safely plan the insertion path.

Author(s): Paul L Ouellette

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