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Short Communication - Materials Science and Nanotechnology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

Unique mass-social T-pattern self-similarity between nano and human scales arose in a biological eye-blink: now molecular and verbal viruses interact

Statement of the Problem: This paper concerns the sudden advent of unique bio-mathematical mass-social self-similarity across >9 orders of magnitude based on T-patterns which are repeated with significant translation symmetry in the temporal structure of neuronal, animal, and human behavior and in information molecules and texts. A unique self-similarity arising in an eyeblink after half a billion years of evolution between the mass-societies of proteins in cells and the sudden rise of human mass-societies.

Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: This project began in the 1970’s much inspired by N. Tinbergen, K. Lorenz, and K. von Frisch’s research on animal and human social behavior winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1973, the first in the biology of behavior, Ethology. Insects were then the smallest animals studied and none were components of the others, no nanoscale actors nor self-similarity.

Billions of years ago, the RNA world invented extra individual purely informational T-strings, DNA, and soon there was only the DNA world of DNA based mass-social proteins (cells). Billions of years later in a multicellular world, humans invented extra individual purely informational T-strings – TEXT, and now nearly all human life is TEXT-based and mass-social unique self-similarity allowing in an eye blink the advent of modern science, and technology. -- DNA has nano scale elements, but TEXT can be of any scale.

Conclusion & Significance: Only mass-societies of proteins and humans rely on massively copied and distributed segments of giant T-strings for the creation of specialized citizens suggesting that culture and biology are one. The structural and functional analogies between proteins in their mass-societies and of words the neuronal mass-societies in each human citizen, analogies also existing between nanoscale viruses and “verbal viruses” (written or spoken) – sometimes working together across >9 orders of magnitude, but sometimes in opposition.

Author(s): Magnus S Magnusson

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