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Case Report - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Treatment of complicated grief in a bereaved mother who lost her son to suicide

Losing a child to suicide is one of the most painful events and will lead to complicated grief reactions. Bereaved family suffer severe grief reactions that interferes with one’s daily functioning. However, there are few case studies on grief or bereavement. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the process of complicated grief treatment (CGT) for a mother who lost her son to suicide. CGT is a manualized evidence-based treatment and it enables client to face the most traumatic aspects of the death and to encourage her to take steps toward the reality. Treating bereaved families is difficult; however, “sense of guilt (ushirometasa, in Japanese)” and “unsolved questions” are keys for understanding these families. There are many limitations for presenting a single case study, however, the client in this study found a reasonable ending to her anguished journey through CGT.

Author(s): Saeko Takada

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