Ophthalmology Case Reports

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Case Report - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Traumatic cataract in young

A 27-year-old male patient presented with a history of trauma in the left eye one month back sustained with a pin of a rifle while cleaning weapons in his unit. Post-injury, he developed pain, redness, and diminution of vision in the eye. Vision at presentation was 6/6 unaided in the right eye and 6/24 in the left eye with no further improvement. Lids and adnexa were normal with no retained foreign body in both eyes. The right eye anterior segment and fundus evaluation were normal. The left eye had clear cornea, no cells, and flare in AC, no hyphema. Pupillary reactions were normal and no iris sphincter tear was seen. Rosette shaped cataract was seen. The fundus examination was normal. Phacoemulsification with Intraocular lens implantation was done. Post-operative day vision was 6/6 unaided, clear cornea, mild AC reaction normal reacting pupil with well-centered IOL in the capsular bag. IOP was 16 and 19 mm Hg. The patient was placed on topical antibiotic-steroid eye drops and is kept on regular follow-up.

Author(s): Rishi Sharma*, BV Rao, Rakesh Maggon

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