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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2022) Volume 0, Issue 0

Transferosomes the Nano Novel Vesicular Carrier for Skin Cancer

Transferosomes creating a new development in delivering a drug through skin. In oral, parenteral drug delivery system shows poor patient compliance are the major complication in clinical practice. Well, Transdermal route has obtained an appreciable interest in pharmaceutical research. Transferosomes consist of both hydrophobic, hydrophilic moieties together results, the drug molecule with wide range of solubility and possess flexible Nano-vesicles formulation comprise of lipid and surfactant. It offers a versatile delivery concept for improving stability, potential for active compound. Major advantages in transferosomes are: avoidance of first pass metabolism, improve patient compliance, improve bioavailability, painless, and reduce frequency of administration. They can pretence as a carrier towards low and additionally high molecular drugs. Skin cancer occurs due to abnormal growth of skin cells it is a common diseases found in white skin. Current study shows that transferosomes are drug mover system that can penetrate beyond undamaged with skin stratum corneum and epidermis expands osmotic gradient foremost to penetrate the transferosome beyond the skin. Over the past few years in research has proven that Transferosomes are the fast developing one in clinical studies.

Author(s): J Komathy, S Sangeetha, H Gayathri

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