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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 1

To study of stretched penile length and testicular volume in Indian newborns.

Objective: To study the Stretched Penile Length (SPL) and Testicular Volume (TV) in newborns and to analyze their correlation with various anthropometric parameters in newborns with gestational age between 32-42 completed weeks.

Study Design: Descriptive study

Settings: Tertiary care centre in Faridkot, Punjab, India.

Participants: 800 newborns were studied within 72 hours of life.

Methods: Stretched penile length was measured by Schonfeld’s Method and Testicular volume was measured by using Prader's orchidometer. The weight of the baby was measured using electronic baby weighing scale with resolution of 10 g. The supine length was measured with an infantometer with a resolution of 1 mm.

Results: Mean SPL in preterm (<37 weeks) newborns in the study was 26.38 ± 4.01 mm (95% CI=26.10-26.66), while in term (>37 weeks) group it was 30.20 ± 3.30 mm (95% CI=29.98-30.43), whereas the Mean TV in preterm group was 0.64 ± 0.18 mm (95% CI=0.63-0.65) and in term group was 0.86 ± 0.16 mm (95% CI=0.84-0.87). There was a strong positive correlation of Mean SPL and Mean TV with various anthropometric parameters.

Conclusion: This study is an attempt to set normative data of SPL and TV according to gestational age. We have concluded that a SPL of <22 mm in term newborns and <16 mm in preterm newborns can be considered as micropenis and mean SPL and TV correlates with anthropometric measurements.

Author(s): Vipul Saneja, Amanpreet Sethi, Harshvardhan Gupta, Gurmeet Kaur Sethi, Seema Rai* , Amarpreet Kaur, Varun Kaul, Shashi Kant Dhir, Akshdeep Kaur

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