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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 3

The significance of UVJ-M and PUVA in diagnosing stress urinary incontinence in women

Objective: Our objective is to analyze the significance of mobility of the ureterovesical junction (UVJ-M) and poster urethrovesical angle (PUVA) in diagnosing stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women, providing a reference for clinical diagnosis of SUI.

Methods: A total of 90 female SUI patients admitted in our hospital between January, 2015-January, 2016 were selected as observation group, and 90 healthy women were selected as control group. Urodynamic indexes were detected; UVJ-M and PUVA were determined by ultrasound. The above indexes in two groups were compared to evaluate the specificity and sensitivity of ultrasound in diagnosing SUI in women.

Results: Post-void residual volume (PVR), bladder volume, functional urethral length (FUL) were not statistically different between two groups (P>0.05), the maximum flow rate (Qmax) and abdominal leak point pressure (ALPP) in the observation group were higher than the control group, the maximum urethral closure pressure (MUCP) was lower than the control group, the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05). UVJ-M and PUVA in the observation group were both higher than the control group, which were statistically different (P<0.05). Spearman rank correlation showed that UVJ-M and PUVA were positively correlated to Qmax and ALPP, and negatively correlated to MUCP, which were statistically significant (P<0.05). Using UVJ-M>15 mm and PUVA at increased abdominal pressure stage >140° as the criteria to diagnose SUI, the sensitivity was 90.00% and the specificity was 86.67%.

Conclusion: UVJ-M and PUVA evaluated by ultrasound are significant in diagnosing SUI in women, the advantages such as the non-invasion and convenience may establish a basis for the early diagnosis and treatment of SUI.

Author(s): Xijun Weng, Jianhui Yang#, Xia Xin, Guobin Weng

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