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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 2

The rule of strain in different stratification of the intervertebral disc under physiologic loading

There is a common disease about Lumbar disc herniation in clinical medicine, which causes heavily burden in life and economic of patient. The spine mainly protects and supports the human body. Its primary functions include: 1) supporting the body in various positions, and transferring the load of head and torso to the pelvis; 2) making the trunk move in a wide range; 3) protecting the spinal cord, thoracic, abdominal and pelvic organs. Meanwhile, it is also very easy to hurt while is completing the above functions. There are complex etiological factors of lumbar disc herniation, but it is found that the biomechanical factors are the important reason to cause the disease. Therefore, the experiment was carried out with the lumbar intervertebral disc of pigs, using the digital image correlation technology and other special experimental instruments to further research the stress-strain state of the lumbar intervertebral disc under the different physiological loads, and to prevent the treatment systematical of intervertebral disc herniation. Integrating the analysis results of quantitative and qualitative, firstly, the stratification of annulus fibrosus can be found. Secondly, we can obtain that the outer strain is smaller than the inner strain, and the upper layer strain is larger than the lower strain. Thirdly, we can also found that intervertebral disc in the compression process; annulus fibrosus of stress-strain curve is nonlinear. The experimental knowledge may provide guide for the prevention and treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc disease, repair of lumbar intervertebral disc defect and there is a positive influence on the artificial lumbar intervertebral disc tissue engineering research and development. Moreover, the research can establish experimental data for a more mature finite element model to simulate annulus fibrosus function.

Author(s): Tao Yang, Chun-qiu Zhang, Qing Liu, Kun Li, Xiu-ping Yang, Jing-jing Zhang, Yahui Hu, Jindio Ye

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