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Mini Review - Journal of Psychology and Cognition (2022) Volume 7, Issue 8

The role of authentic cognitive bias in upholding life satisfaction.

Cognitive bias refers to a systematic (that is, non-random and, thus, predictable) deviation from rationality in judgment or decision-making. According to this point of view, People behave rationally, close to optimally, as has been observed in several cognitive disciplines (especially psychology and economics). Agents capable of solving basic and complicated cognitive challenges and maximising the rewards from their interactions with regard to the environment In general, a rational agent would assess the prospective costs and rewards of their actions before deciding on the best alternative. Cognitive accounts of anxiety dysfunction attribute both heightened anxiety vulnerability and clinical anxiety to maladaptive patterns of selective information processing. They have been motivated by the observation that patients with anxiety disorders commonly report experiencing distinctly threatening thoughts of a type that plausibly could elicit, sustain, or intensify their anxiety symptoms. Clinically anxious patients reliably display an attention bias toward negative information, which is also sometimes shown by healthy individuals who reported elevated levels of trait anxiety. Author(s): Olivia Brown*

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