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Review Article - Journal Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

The rehabilitation of the elderly in cognitive difficult: An integrated vision. Reality Orientation Therapy (R.O.T.) and the "caring" of relationship of diade elderly-care-giver.

In this article we try to give a new perspective of the possible areas of intervention with an elderly aected by dementia and his caregiver. With the increase in cases of the dementia, it becomes necessary to try new techniques for assistance of elderly and techniques that are able to slow down as much as possible the manifestation of psychiatric and behavioural symptoms. From our center in Genoa since 2011 to today we could try new ways to assist the couple elderly-caregiver, trying to promote the psycho-affective health of both. Reality Orientation Therapy (R.O.T. technique) and psycho-affective interventions are able to safeguard the couple caregiver-elderly and to slow the institutionalization in a nursing home. The elderly must be stimulated not only from the cognitive point of view but integrating emotional and relational aspect from environment in where he lives. From our clinical experience and from an examination of scientific literature we could assert that caring elderly’s relationships and creating a profound relationship, with cognitive psycho-stimulation, the quality of elderly and caregiver life can be significantly improved.

Author(s): Calabrese Cesare Maria*, Calabrese Marco Cesare, Calabrese Clelia Margherita

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