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Abstract - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

The pyrexia temperatures never damage the cells of brain or harm the body

 Febrile temperatures are so firmly connected to the fiery reaction that heat (calor) is one of the four cardinal indications of irritation, alongside torment (dolor), redness (rubor), and growing (tumor), as portrayed by Celsus in ~30 BC. The enlistment of fever in endothermic (warm-blooded) creatures happens at a high metabolic cost with the end goal that a 1°C ascent in internal heat level requires a 10–12.5% expansion in metabolic rate. There is mounting proof that the increment of 1 to 4°C in center internal heat level that happens during fever is related with improved endurance and goal of numerous contaminations

Author(s): K. M. Yacob

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