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Research Article - Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

The prevalence of oropharyngeal carcinoma caused by HPV infections in the U.S.: A review

The incidence and association between human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and oropharyngeal carcinoma has increased in recent years, despite a decline in other causes of oral cancer from smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. HPV infection, particularly serotype 16 (HPV-16), is recognized as a significant player in the onset of HPV positive oral cavity and oropharyngeal carcinoma. The prevalence of HPV positive oropharyngeal carcinoma tends to be generally higher in men, more common in Caucasians and can be attributed to high-risk sexual practices. While the significance of HPV vaccination for oropharyngeal carcinoma prevention is controversial, research supports the possibility that the available vaccine may be effective in reducing the incidence of oral neoplasms caused by HPV. This paper reviews the relationship between HPV and oral cancer prevalence in the United States.

Author(s): Adekunle Sanyaolu1*, Chuku Okorie2, Aleksandra Marinkovic3, Lorena Likaj3, Oladapo Ayodele3, Abu Fahad Abbasi3, Jessica Gosse4, Sadaf Younis4, Jasmine Mangat4, Olanrewaju Badaru1

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