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Review Article - Journal of Fisheries Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 6

The polychaete Americonuphis reesei used in aquaculture, Panama.

Polychaetes, marine invertebrates with a wide geographic distribution, especially in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, have diverse applications from the point of view of their use in aquaculture. Several species have been described as a food source for culture organisms, and the use in gonadal maturation of shrimp reproducers stands out, hence the importance of its study, especially Americonuphis reesei, in Panama, a species used in Larval Production Laboratories and exported to Central American countries, in addition to the social impact, and the generation of foreign exchange. The extraction is limited to the Gulfs of Panama and Montijo, regulated by the state, through annual closures, which do not coincide with the reproduction periods indicated in the investigations, however, these periods have been established because the capture is favored by tides of syzygy of greater amplitude, which facilitates the collection of larger organisms. Relevant aspects of the use of these organisms must be taken care of since they can be transmitters of some diseases for the culture organisms. Author(s): Italo Goti, Janzel Villalaz, Orlando Leone, Juan A Gomez H

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