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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2020) Volume 3, Issue 4

The modern solutions in bone plastic surgery and the use of structural titanium mesh for limited jaw bone defects elimination

Alternative solution of bone transplantation for the elimination of limited jaw bone defects has been proposed. Using clinical and radiological methods, it has been proven that the use of structural titanium mesh allows jawbone defects reconstruction by autogenous bone without using any osteoplastic material. The structural titanium mesh allows to eliminate limited defects of the jaws, regardless of their location and etiology, and provides full and stable results. It is easy to handle and does not require additional fixation with pins or bone sutures. The introduction of the method of bone defects filling using a structural titanium mesh in practical healthcare will simplify and increase the effectiveness of treatment of patients with limited jaw defects.

Author(s): Demurchyan M.Y, Dem yanenko S.A & Morozova M.N

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