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Review Paper - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2018) Volume 2, Issue 3

The makings of veterans affairs health care reform: when values of different VA stakeholders clash

Several veteran affairs hospitals were caught falsifying patient wait times in 2014, masking long waits and potential deaths. The main issue in this case for developing health care reform is examining which is of greater importance—implementing swift moral action so that the public sense of justice is served from the external stakeholders’ perspective, or the internal stakeholders’ moral argument of making careful, informed decisions that fix the root cause of longstanding problems and improve veterans’ healthcare? Various articles were analyzed ranging from news outlets to government sources, peer-reviewed journals, and other third-party authorities that reported on veterans’ healthcare issues. The findings provide an insightful perspective on how health care reform should occur to the satisfaction of both internal and external stakeholders for the largest and most complex healthcare system in America.

Author(s): Frank Chen*

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