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Short Article - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2019) Volume 2, Issue 1

The International Debate on the Role of Virtual Digital Pathology in Medical Education for Students and Pathology Trainee

 I n the last decade, digital pathology has won a very important role in education of both students and resident as well as young specialist. Whole slide imaging offers numerous possibilities in exploring a case and allows us to point out the specific morphological features which can lead to established a more accurate diagnose and a faster pathological report. The ability to access images of normal structures or slides with the same diagnosis from other digital image collections has a huge impact on educational process, helping in strengthen the knowledge. More than that, capturing, editing, making notes on a digital slide by students and young trainee help them in a profound understanding of both inflammatory and tumoral lesions and facilitates the opportunity to deepen a specific pathological topic. The most common positive traits of a digital slide highlighted by students and young trainees are the ease of use of digital images, the possibility to share the best quality slides or to analyze different images for the same pathology category. All these features facilitate better interactions between physicians and have a huge impact in preparing an exam. In the near future, digital pathology will gain increasingly more in medical education.

Author(s): Gabriela Izabela Baltatescu

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