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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2020) Volume 3, Issue 1

The Importance of Homeostasis in Oral and Systemic Health

Oral homeostasis is governed by various conditions in the oral cavity such as saliva, which is composed of various beneficial substances, and by the microbiota, which is a reservoir of microorganisms, and when these are modified, homeostasis of the oral cavity is altered and dysbiosis is generated that They can lead to oral diseases such as gigngivitis, periodontitis and / or caries and can also favor the development of systematic diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses Like CoV-2.

Homeostasis is a set of self-regulating phenomena, which result in maintaining a relative constancy in the composition and properties of the internal environment of an organism. The microbiome or genome of the microbiota of an organism is one of the two sets of genes that this organism possesses and that codes for the genes of the microorganisms that it houses inside; the other set codes for the organism's own genome. Furthermore, this microbiome usually has a greater number of encoded genes than the genome itself; the best example is the human being whose genome codes for approximately 23,000 genes while its microbiome codes for approximately 3 million genes. Also, it is defined as the total number of microorganisms that make up the microbiota and its genetic material, which should not be confused with the microbiota that is the existing microbial population in the body. 2 Dysbiosis (also called dysbacteriosis) is the imbalance of the microbial balance of the normal microbiota, due to quantitative or qualitative changes. Homeostasis depends on a state of eubiosis when the microbiota, theoretically "normal" and "balanced", presumably fulfills all the requirements so that we can benefit from its effects on health at the metabolic, immune, neuronal and protective barrier levels, proper of a healthy individual. (FIGURES 1, 2)

Author(s): Abner Escobedo

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