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Short Communication - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2


The war climate globally is now stated as, in recent years and on-going, consisting of not only terrorist type warfare but also official world war type climate, after systematic analysis according to key criteria for the assessment of combat type
The key features present, according to generally accepted criteria, with regards to combat considered characteristic of world war type climate (categorisation): 
1. Pledges to a leader positioning them in a defined manner. 
2. Mind abuse type programs (mind coding and other). 
*Mind abuse programs are carried out for numerous reasons (for example, to achieve a robotic following of the given leadership through brainwashing and related abuse).
USA, Britain and others have contained, although perhaps transiently, markers indicating such climate to have been present in such areas [1]. 
Given the markers, programs run during the years 2009- 2016 (in addition to any other periods relevant) should be checked for mind abuse type programs. This would include 1. Brain Initiative program; 2. Mind mapping program, of which both are indexed on NLM, USA National Library of Medicine. 
An Australian neurosurgeon was involved in the above with the given government members. The programs may be of value but should be checked appropriately. In addition, consideration given to plans for the protocol to check other programs if appropriate. 
In conclusion, the typical aspects of world war climate have been detailed along with the reasoning behind such regimes and groups containing such programs including mind abuse directed activities. Furthermore, it is advised that the programs including those detailed are checked to ensure they provide quality medical information for the intended use of the indexing services.
Biography: Simon Raymond is a graduate of medical school who shifted into high-level medical and scientific research.  The above stated researcher is a consultant specializing in Medical and Scientific Research and an Alumnus of Melbourne University (Rank of Number 1 in Australia and Number 33 in the World).  The above stated Researcher has acted as a Reviewer for the respected Medical Journal of Australia, has received invitations internationally to review from prestigious medical journals including Journal of American Medical Association Network. He has received award in recognition of his research by Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (PSC, 2006) and invited to conferences internationally as an official Delegate and Researcher, including that in USA and China. He has worked as the Principle Researcher in the highest-powered form of medical trial—Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). The above stated Researcher is also a Member of the Golden Key International Society for Honored and outstanding Academics.  The above stated researcher has research indexed by well-respected universities including Harvard University.  
Author(s): Simon Raymond

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