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Perspective - Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Research (2023) Volume 6, Issue 1

The hidden dangers of endocrine disruptors: Examining their potential impact on human and animal health

Endocrine disruptors and their potential effects on human and animal health have become a topic of debate and active study in toxicology. The emphasis has been on xenoestrogens, which are environmental chemicals that have estrogenic action. In general, it is agreed that high doses of such compounds may induce developmental, reproductive, and tumorigenic effects ("hazard"). The risks connected with xenoestrogens under realistic (low) exposure scenarios are a source of contention. This is due to uncertainty about how to evaluate the interactions of exogenous compounds with the endocrine system and its complex regulation. Our overview will cover topics such as the consequences of previous clinical use of the potent oestrogen diethylstilboestrol, with a focus on dose-response relationships, other observations in humans exposed to estrogenic chemicals in an occupational context, and available information on exposure levels of synthetic and naturally occurring oestrogens in the diet. Novel aspects in the risk assessment for endocrine active compounds are addressed, along with a critical evaluation of techniques for detecting and quantifying the estrogenic activity of synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals

Author(s): Žiga Jakopin

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