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Research Article - Journal of Advanced Surgical Research (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

The evaluation of glutinous rice roots decoction sponge bath treatment for sweating syndrome in children

Objective: Explore the effect of TCM external treatment of glutinous rice roots decoction sponge bath method treatment to the children with sweating. Methods: To collect 70 sweating syndrome of children in the First and second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, were randomly divided into the control group and the experimental group. Each group has 35 children. The control group is using Chinese herbs treatment, the experimental group is using traditional Chinese Herbs and sponging bath with the decoction of glutinous rice root. Results: In this study, ultimately the effective number of cases: 29 cases in the control group and 31 cases in the experimental group. 7 days after the intervention, sweating symptoms were improved, and have statistically significant in the efficacy difference lung health is not solid of the two groups p=0.017,other syndromes of the two groups (p=0.006). Conclusion: The sponging bath with the decoction of glutinous rice root to the sweating syndrome of children has been confirmed effective. The research results will help to promote family self-treatment of the sweating syndrome of children, it is safe and will be treatment resides in daily life, with simple, convenient, effective, should be widely applied.

Author(s): ZiyuZhao, YanHe, Peiyi Chen, Jiapeng Zhang, Jingyun Ye

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