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Mini Review - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2018) Volume 14, Issue 1

The Enigma of PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a reproductive disorder which is common among women due to elevated male hormone (androgen levels) and prolonged menstrual cycles leading to complications for which the exact cause is a mystery till date. Factors responsible for PCOS are excess insulin, low grade inflammation, excess androgens and sometime heredity that can be a major cause for which genetic analysis may have some significant role in depicting the exact mechanism. Uncountable numbers of theories and hypothesis have been developed since the discovery of PCOS but many controversies still persists due to lack of clinical evidences. This Meta review focuses on unravelling the mechanism through genetic-genomic strategies in which whole genome and whole exome sequencing with targeted gene panels approaches may have a significant conclusion and strategies to decipher the genes responsible for PCOS. Rather focusing on the uni-directional diagnostic approaches, a unifying strategies combining both diagnostic and genetic techniques can be applied that will have increased impact in understanding the etiology of PCOS.

Author(s): Shrinkhala Singh, Rahul Ravichandran, Pritam Kumar Panda

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