Biomedical Research

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- Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 27, Issue 3

The effect of topical lidocaine plus dexamethasone on postoperative analgesia in septoplasty surgery.

Introduction: This study has aimed to research the analgesic effects of lidocaine and dexamethasone infiltration in the merocel pack which is being used as nose pack for patients who had septoplasty operation.

Materials and methods: Sixty patients are included in randomized double blind study. The patients are divided into 3 groups as lidocaine (group L), lidocaine + dexamethasone (group LD) and dexamethasone (group D). The prepared medications are infiltrated in Merocel Pack that has been placed in both nostrils after the operation. The NRS impacts and side effects are examined in postoperative 15th minute and 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 12th and 24th hours. Moreover, the total tramadol consumption between hours 0-1, 0-12 and 12-24 are recorded.

Results: The study is finalized with 57 patients. The postoperative patients satisfaction did not demonstrate a significant difference among the groups by means of NRS levels. Group D has consumed more analgesics than group LD in the first 12 hours with regards to the total tramadol consumption.

Conclusion: We observed that lidocaine or dexamethasone infiltrated in Merocel Pack provides analgesic effects for pain control following septoplasty whereas the total analgesia consumption is reduced when dexamethasone is combined with lidocaine.

Author(s): Isa Yildiz, Hakan Bayir, Murat Sereflican, Abdullah Demirhan, Veysel Yurttas, Murat Bilgi, Hasan Kocoglu

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