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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2018) Volume 29, Issue 20

The effect of sexual education program on spinal cord injured couples on disability acceptance, self-esteem, and marital relationship enhancement

This study is a single-group pre-post experimental design to investigate the effect of the sexual education treatment program of the spinal cord disabled on the acceptance of disability, self-esteem and marital relationship enhancement. Disability acceptance of the spinal cord injury couple, spinal cord injury group and spinal cord injury spouse group showed statistically significant changes in pre-immediately post and pre-post. The self-esteem of the spinal cord injury couple, the spinal cord injury group and the spinal cord injury spouse group was statistically significant in the pre-immediately post but not statistically in the pre-post. This study by verifying the effectiveness of sex education programs of the spinal cord disabilities to provide basic data for the program to accommodate disabilities and promote self-esteem of the spinal cord and the disabled couple, in addition, we aim to contribute to the establishment of healthy family relationships and the improvement of quality of life by promoting spousal couple's marital relationship.

Author(s): Mi-Jin Kim, Sun-Houng Kim, Young-Soon Choi

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