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- Biomedical Research (2013) Volume 24, Issue 4

The effect of high-frequency electromagnetic field on molecular melting profile of human breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 cell DNA.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the genotoxic effect of high-frequency electromagnetic field on the human adenocarcinoma cells using HRM analysis. Detecting genetic variations can contribute to the future perspective of anti-tumor strategies combining EMF and anticancer drugs. Our data suggest that high-frequency EMF with a frequency of 900 MHz (an input power of 8 W) after 3 h exposure may produce alterations in the melting temperature of DNA of MCF-7 cells from 76.4±0.9°C to 82.6±1.0°C. DNA was extracted from control sample and EMF-exposed MCF-7 cells and MDR1 was sequenced. Comparing the ratio of G+C/A+T on the forward end as well as on the backward end: forward - MCF-7/wt (36.36%/38.67%), MCF-7/EMF (35.30%/39.04%); backward - MCF-7/wt (41.54%/44.62%), MCF-7/EMF (40.13%/44.20%); the decrease of the relative content of G+C/A+T of EMFexposed MCF-7 cells was observed.

Author(s): Trebu?ov√° Marianna, Galina Laputkov√°, J√°n Sabo, Jozef ?iv?√°k

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