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Mini Review - Journal of Diabetology (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

The effect of hard time keeping up deliberation on a period of time spent in diabetic hospitals.

Although these studies all had relatively small patient populations, a growing number of research suggest that consultations with specialised diabetes teams resulted in a lower LOS among hospitalised diabetic patients. However, the effects of dedicated diabetes teams on readmission rates are less evident. One study in Spain found no difference in readmission rates when a dedicated diabetes team was included in the patients' care. 8 A retrospective study comparing hospitalised patients cared for by a specialised diabetic team to patients only cared for by a main service team found considerably decreased readmission rates. 5 Another retrospective study found that having a consultation with a specialised diabetes team reduced composite morbidity among hospitalised diabetic patients. The goal was to look at a significantly bigger patient group and assess the influence of a diabetology consultation on LOS in diabetic patients admitted to the general medicine service.

Author(s): Rosen H Manton

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