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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2018) Volume 22, Issue 2

The average of HBS antibody titer in different months after hepatitis B premier vaccination.

Background: Vaccination is the most effective prevention in Hepatitis B, so this study aimed to compare the average of antibody titer (anti-HBs) in various age after the last given of Hepatitis B premier vaccination. Method: Inclusion criteria including the record of hepatitis B Immunization was 4 times and parents had sign the consent form, while exclusion criteria including mother with Positive HBsAg, infants with poor nutrition, congenital disease and the last received hepatitis B vaccination was less than a month. The data were analyzed by using descriptive method and Kruskal Wallis Test. Result: 84 infants age 5-7 months was divided into three groups based on how long it has been since the last given of hepatitis B vaccination. Group 1 consists of 25 infants, 18 infants were protected with average of anti-HBs 107.12 mIU/ml. Group 2 consisted of 22 infants, 15 were protected with average of anti-HBs 162.5 mIU/ml. Group 3 consist of 37 infants, 24 infants were protected with average of anti-HBs 85.93 mIU/ml. Kruskal Wallis Analysis result showed no significant difference among the three groups with p=0.322. Conclusion: There was no significant difference of HBs antibody titter in 1,2, and 3 months after hepatitis B vaccination.

Author(s): Novie Homenta Rampengan*, Aldo Yustianto, Sarah Warouw, Rocky Wilar, Praevilia Salendu

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