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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

The assessment of sleep quality in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Introduction: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease. Sleep disorder is one of the most common symptoms in RA. In patients with RA, sleep disorder may be seen in the form of difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and daytime sleepiness. The aim of this study is to assess the frequency of sleep disorders in RA patients by means of validated survey forms, and to find out the relationship between sleep disorder and DAS 28 score (Disease Activity Score).

Methods: This study was conducted with 152 RA patients, admitted to the rheumatology department. A socio-demographic data form, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and the Modified Morisky Scale were used.

Results: A total of 152 RA patients (124 women, 28 men; age (average ± SD): 53.04 ± 11.34 years) participated in this study. There was no significant difference with regard to daytime sleepiness and OSAS risk between patients with and without activation (according to DAS 28 score) and between patients with positive and negative anti-CCP (p>0.05). There was no significant correlation between positive RF and OSAS risk (p>0.005) while there was a significant difference with regard to sleepiness between patients with positive and negative RF (p<0.005).

Conclusion: DAS 28 score and anti-CCP are not related to daytime sleepiness and OSAS risk in RA patients. There is a need for further studies conducted with sleep quality measurement methods.

Author(s): Nazife Sule Yasar Bilge, Ugur Bilge, Seda Kilic, Muzaffer Bilgin

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