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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2021) Volume 17, Issue 5

The antiviral natural activity of Camel Milk (CM, and its bioactive therapeutic components such as nano-immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and glycoproteins, clues to Covid-19 therapies

The current pioneer project incited from the combination opinions, thought, research efforts and long experiences on the related fields by our team colleagues above. The presence of natural antimicrobial activities presents in the CM, which is almost 10 folds more than the cow’s milk, and/or other types of animal milks. It is quite known that CM is highly close to human mother’s milk and considered as supper food and white gold for its nutrient’s beneficial properties [1-3]. This shows for us a golden opportunity to be tested innocuous natural treatment for patients with COVID-19 infection [4,5] It has been shown that in many countries of the Middle East, Africa, and Asian countries, that they use it very frequently as natural nutrients, also as medication beverage for their health benefits [5-6]. The Camel Milk (CM) contains rich therapeutic biocomponent nutrients, such as vitamins, electrolytes, peptidoglycans recognition, lactoferrin, and lysozyme. Also, has potential effect in treating many wellknown diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, allergies, autism, crohn’s disease, viral hepatitis, malignancies, anti-infectious, and auto-immune diseases. All these medical properties attract us to try the natural CM or their bioactive products as an excellent option to treat the Covid-19 [7]. On the other hand, some interesting publication reports demonstrated that camels are host to show good immune response to MERS-2 virus, their essential immune defense factors made us focus on the rare immunological natural existence and high affinity activity of the unique mono heavy chains of the CM Nanoimmunoglobulins (nIgs), which can easily pass through the whole intestinal ducts, kidney basement membranes (glomeruli), and brain tissues. Also, have supper antiviral activity (ies) [8]. These interesting molecules are stable at high temperature, can neutralize viruses in infected cells, resist to the activity of digestive enzymes in stomach, can easily pass through the whole intestinal ducts and have high affinity against many other germs [9]. All these extra characteristics of the CM together brought up the idea of building up this project to hopefully applying it in vitro and in vivo as a natural therapy against the most dangerous virus worldwide in the last 100 years ago, which is called the MERS-Covid-2 or Covid-19 by the WHO [10].

Author(s): Mohammed Jamil Al Habbal, Mekdad Rahmet Allah Al Juwarey,Taherah Mohammadabadi, Hayder Assim Mohammed Salih, Edith Fernandez Figueroa

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